My Favorite Place to Make Money and Why It Matters.

By far my most favorite place to work is in my local Starbucks.

There is something about the smell, the studious environment and the overall ambience that they have there.

Starbucks is set up for computer nerds, and anyone who needs to use technology.

It’s a great place to meet clients and it provides a fantastic opportunity to sit and watch the “traffic” go by or just to sit and relax in a living room type of environment.

Blogging, as much as I love it, can be a lonely job. Continue reading

Why Blogging Has to Be a Giving Sport

I’m going to write this article with a little bit of irony.

The irony is that I am writing this because I need some clarity on why I choose to blog for a living and why I muster up energy each day to continue to put more energy into my blogging.  In a way, it’s a selfish entry but sharing it with you, my reader makes it less selfish and allows us both to learn the “why blog” together.

I generally don’t talk much about blogging except in my blog so to try and shift focus on blogging for me versus blogging for you is going to be a challenge. Continue reading

The Best Office in the World

Let’s talk about the benefits of blogging.

Personally, I never thought I would be making blogs, but I’m glad that I do.

Blogging allows you to journal in some respects, learn about different types of technical things, stay in tune with pop culture and it allows you to commit to being a lifetime learner.

Lifetime learning is one of the keys to living a more successful life… least the type of life that I want to live in.

Every one that I have met through blogging have been some of the most amazing people I have come across in a long while.

The blogging community in general is filled with very enthusiastic and supportive people.

When you start to get serious about blogging there will come a time when you create a habit of blogging each day for the same blog.

When you do this, changing your work environment is one of the things that you should do.

A change of scenery can help you come up with ideas for your blogs.